Monday, January 24, 2011

sea medicine, road dogs

inspired by my beautiful friend's stories of sea life, i went in search of the ocean. it's been six months (!!!) since i've set foot on that cool oregon sand, half a year (!!!) since i've faced down the end of the land. trust me, it is such good medicine... and was prepared thusly: one part self, one part soul-homie, one part spirit guide, one part trusty steed, a couple jiggers of rosé (to taste), a hefty dose of sea mist, mighty ocean waters, vivid greenery and coastal forest splendor... and there you have it.
here's the evidence.
la luna bea, aka lunabeast, groovin' to the soul music of the ocean waves:

the panorama from cape falcon:

big love to my karmic voyager sista.
what a beautiful day.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

what's your passion?

last night i was at a bar in my neighborhood checking out some local musicians. the bar was slammed, the air was charged with great sounds and the effect of so many people together in one room. a woman leaned in close and asked me if i knew the name of the band playing at the moment... i did not. she was wearing a medicine pouch around her neck, spilled her crystals and shared them with us. she asked after my passion....creation. the soul shaking down the guts...