Saturday, October 23, 2010

small insistent thuds
of the fleeting kind,
makes you wonder
when you stepped outside
you were to face
the face
of the one that sticks around,
makes you wonder
of the one that sticks around,
the face
you were to face
when you stepped outside
makes you wonder
of the fleeting kind,
small insistent thuds

Monday, August 30, 2010

metallic blue dream blues

it wasnt because of the smoking
it wasnt because of anything
that was
but wasnt
a lack large enough
to populate a world
the muffler dropped
and the sides fell off
(all corvettes go to heaven)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

five a.m.

this depth of dark
could almost be night-

the suns about to crack
my sweet, my love
of the unfurrowed brow of
the dreamful sleep,

the world outside
is a hazy wilderness,
dew spattered frayed unwindings
of sunny summer string;

your warm face pillowpressed and
sleepdamp breeches
the waking surface
of the placid velvet waters, and

sinks back silently beneath them.

im a criminal
for even wanting to wake you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the heart is made of fire

through the night scrim
of tendril birch branch hangings
the moon is a twinkling
kaleidoscope on the rise

the west wind
like a crescendo comes to dance
with the dreaming birch
who stirs gracefully
in the outcropping of the yard

from here the moon
is on an eastern climb
slowly through the summer sky
casting bits of fire
through birch
apple and cherry

setting it all ablaze

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

rainbow wing

the longest day of the year has come and gone though there's been little sun to make you believe it; the arborvitae sway in the light breeze like old ladies in a huddle at the bow of a large ship, it would be more lovely than the cargo ship we saw yesterday from the banks of the columbia though its colors were a time worn greek flag and its name was rainbow wing, bound for panama; theirs would be an ocean liner and they would sway atop the deck imagining their destination like the arborvitae in my yard, swaying with little reason to believe in anything else; we threw sticks in the river for the dogs to swim after and we watched as the rainbow wing sliced through the placid waters like scissors through silk and we wondered where the crew must sleep, and if there are windows there.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


as a child
i smooshed a spider dead-
at having rid our home
of such a menace
i looked to my parents
with pride

how will you
bring that life back
my father asked,
what will you do
to replace what you have taken?

i wonder
about the balance of things
especially now
soaring precariously over the land
of my nation
having just left
the land of my birth
and the land of my father
and his fathers,
before him-

and i wonder
if it isn't just a story
we tell ourselves;

that we can ever
replace what we've taken
seems like make-believe
or the simple shaping
of a child's character
to, you hope,
one of respect
and empathy.

i'm starting to wonder
if the world
doesn't get less and less light-
if that deep
and ancient fire
doesn't die a little
with each extinguished

though, truth be told,
i'm sick of explanations
and find the reasoning
and full of holes.

i didn't die
in the cannon-force explosion
of the harpoon gun
shot from a heart of stone
with a cold, accurate aim
and i wonder,
why not?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

we saw the stars tonight

from the stoop, smoking
under the overhang
of woven tree limbs.

have you known a sky
without a city?

stars that pour their light
into rivers that breath
where trees drink
beside them?

my city is perched
on the bones
of its past, the ghost
of the river swells
and recedes
and is perfect glass
on quiet nights;

and the bridges cross
east to west.

the night's alright

with the rain
and the porch light on-

you're so sweet to me)

the rain's falling

harder now,
on the roof of the porch

tiny dispersions

fickle clarity

some days
i am unaccustomed

to this

it feels odd,

and i understand
why the dogs bark
at the neighbor

and why they are
quietly watching the wind
through the tendril branches
of the birch tree

modern love

when we have
times like this
my mind calls
on the most
useless things

like that scene
in forrest gump
when he wipes his face
on another mans
tee shirt
a national craze

i just get
more upset, really


i dont even like
that movie,

and its all
i can think about.